How to look at a girl before going to talk to her!

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Why am I writing an entire article about it?
Because this is the very beginning of every step that has been mentioned in this blog. And this is also the thing that every guy - shy or bold- does the most. So the right way of staring or gazing or even casting periodical glances at a girl matters.
How do to it?

It must be obvious the place doesn't matter, the age doesn't matter. What most of the guys do is:
- Have puppy eyes, look at the girl in the most pathetic vulnerable mode ever possible. 
This is psychological, because obviously you want to woo that girl, so you want to appear all nice, and thus, you make the nicest, most decent face available that will totally save you from the monster look you might cast. Such looks give a girl the following feelings:


How to get a girl by chatting with her!

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There are already many posts on how to get a girl on Facebook? How to get a girl online? What to message a girl? 

If you chat with a girl daily, or occasionally, how do you attract her? Online dating depends on the following things: 

1) Your profile. 

Suppose you are in a social networking site, the profile is a very important feature. It is actually equivalent to 'the first impression' scenario. Whatever a girl sees in your profile, builds your first impression in her eyes. So how should your profile look like:

How to steal a girl from a relationship?

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Stage I - Friendship

Obviously the bond between the two would be stronger than between you and her. So, her boyfriend can crush you anytime. 
Point- stay low profile
It all depends upon the image you keep
If your image is of a smart guy:

how to become friends with a girl quickly?

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When you talk to a girl and it is going to be a long conversation, it is obvious that the conversation has to revolve around other people. If you don’t share any mutual friends, then it’s a boon because you have whole new stories to hear. The more you talk, the more pleasant it is; but the things you should remember are:


What to say when a Girl asks 'Why Do You Love Me?'

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What truly are the reasons, if summed up, that a guy falls for a girl:

- Her face (75 %)
- Her smartness (45 %)
- Availability (50 %)
- Hotness (85 %)
- Friendship (20 %)
- Your own state (40 %)
If these reasons are taken and told, they would sound like:
- I love you because you are so beautiful. 
- I love you becaus

What to do when a Girl rejects you?

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After being rejected by a girl, there are two directions: either you continue wooing the same girl, or you get over her even if you are emotionally involved with her. But before you take any of the ways, I need you to understand a simple thing: Not any girl in this world just says a yes to your proposal; secondly, Always remember: A gir Read more...

What to talk about to a girl on the phone?

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Best topics to talk to a girl about! 
- What do you think about Fashion?
- What do you think about kids?
- What would you do if you come to know that you are gonna die in like 1 month?
- Do you believe in Helping people? (Of course she'll say 'yes')
- Oh, so how do you plan to help them? (change the topic if sh Read more...

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