How to get a girl by chatting with her!

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There are already many posts on how to get a girl on Facebook? How to get a girl online? What to message a girl? 

If you chat with a girl daily, or occasionally, how do you attract her? Online dating depends on the following things: 

1) Your profile. 

Suppose you are in a social networking site, the profile is a very important feature. It is actually equivalent to 'the first impression' scenario. Whatever a girl sees in your profile, builds your first impression in her eyes. So how should your profile look like:
Don't leave it blank because you don't want to put nonsense in it or you don't have anything to put. 
75% of guys leave their profiles absolutely blank because they have nothing to put. By doing this you are actually telling a girl how much disinterested a person you could come out to be - you either are very boring or too cocky. 
- Don't fill your profile if you are really lame. 
A profile less interesting to a girl is a direct turn off. She'd never even bother to talk to you. Maximum number of guys live in the illusion that they are really cool, or what they have written is very hip and hypnotizing. But don't fall into that bubble. Every girl has a standard in her mind, she'd only talk to you if you come above it or on it. 
- Don't fill your profile with too much intellectual stuff. 
Now this seems really good an idea, but it often scare chicks off. Intellect is a very good thing, but keep it as a card for the future. Your profile should be moderate with and a mixture of intellectual display and wit. 
- If you have no ideas, copy someone's profile. 
This might sound really cheap, but do anything to earn the first impression. Don't copy it from someone you know, Internet has a very wide variety of users, just copy it from someone who'd never find about it, and even if he does, it's not a big deal - you both just happen to have the same interests. Most importantly, fill your profile with good stuff. 
2) Your profile picture
Pictures you shouldn't post:  
- You standing next to your car. 
It could be anyone's car. Who are you kidding? Put it in your album. 
- Your passport picture. 
What, you don't have a camera? 
- You are standing a mile away. 
Is the scene really beautiful? Put it in your album then. 
- There are four guys standing next to each other. 
Is she going to play the Guess Who game now? Album again. 
- Picture in which you look pathetically bored out of life. 
Pictures you should post: 
- Your close up from any strange possible dimensions. 
Being weird is cool. And if the look isn't making it better, you have a thousand photo- editing softwares. Use them and make it awesome.  
- Your picture in an awesome suit. 
Clicked properly. 
- A pic showing how crazy you are. 
For example - You in the stadium watching Superbowl and cheering for your favorite team. 
- Picture showing individuality. 
Anything that is accidentally or naturally making you look or come out strong. 
 for example - Picture of you holding a trophy. 
- A picture in a good club 


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