How to look at a girl before going to talk to her!

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Why am I writing an entire article about it?
Because this is the very beginning of every step that has been mentioned in this blog. And this is also the thing that every guy - shy or bold- does the most. So the right way of staring or gazing or even casting periodical glances at a girl matters.
How do to it?

It must be obvious the place doesn't matter, the age doesn't matter. What most of the guys do is:
- Have puppy eyes, look at the girl in the most pathetic vulnerable mode ever possible. 
This is psychological, because obviously you want to woo that girl, so you want to appear all nice, and thus, you make the nicest, most decent face available that will totally save you from the monster look you might cast. Such looks give a girl the following feelings:

- You are into her.
- You are creepy (if she is committed or she has just had a break- up or she is not at all looking for a relationship / guy)
- You are a puppy. (which is a neutral thing)
- You are cute. (if she is especially out there to meet guys/ check out guys)
- Nothing. (because it's not only you but many guys doing the same)

What's the problem?
The first - you're into her. In every thing that she thinks, it erupts from the basic assumption that you are into her, which only scores with the women who are looking for a relationship or to meet a guy.
The first thing you have to get straightened up with is: Not to do that.The feeling that your look should give out is something totally different from I am interested in you. Try:
- 'wow, you (the girl) are different for a change'
- 'I am fed up of this place and really bored, and I can use a conversation with someone worthy'
- 'wow, I can't believe someone could dress-up that amazingly'.
- 'Do I know you from somewhere?'
- 'Are you a Model, you should surely try'
And so on.
The point is, after you have selected your look, only then think about going over to her and start a conversation. But Always remember: Don't mask the 'I am interested in you' look. There are many consequences to that, and you don't want to be turned down.

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