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  • Numerous state-owned aerospace and defence organisations are located in the city.
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  • You can start by looking at comments and photos shared by locals to make a more informed decision.
  • They operate from nearly 2,000 locations across the US in 2021.
  • Telephone lines were laid to help co-ordinate anti-plague operations.

After India’s independence in August 1947, Bangalore remained in the newly carved Mysore State of which the Maharaja of Mysore was the Rajapramukh . The “City Improvement Trust” was formed in 1945, and in 1949, the “City” and the “Cantonment” merged to form the Bangalore City Corporation. The Government of Karnataka later constituted the Bangalore Development Authority in 1976 to coordinate the activities of these two bodies.

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Bangalore is also home to many vegan restaurants and vegan activism groups, and has been named as India’s most vegan-friendly city by PETA’s Indian branch. With all of the classic Southern sides and the levels of TLC that go into each piece of bird, you’re almost transported to a mom-and-pop fried chicken spot at any of their thousands of locations. Nobody else has yet to fully replicate the cultural resonance of fried chicken the way Popeye’s has, and it’s why they take the top spot on our chicken restaurant list. To us, the Holy Grail of fast food items has to be fried chicken. That crispy skin with the tender, delicious meat inside is hard to resist, no matter what chain you go to. Everybody’s got their own form of how they prepare the juicy and crispy pieces of fried bird, and some definitely do it better than others.

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Compared to Delhi and Mumbai, Bangalore lacked a contemporary art scene until the 1990s, when several art galleries emerged, including the government-established National Gallery of Modern Art. Bangalore’s international art festival, Art Bangalore, was established in 2010. Biannual flower shows are held at the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens during the weeks of India’s Republic Day and Independence Day.

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The official language of Bangalore is Kannada, spoken by 44.62% of the population. The second-largest language is Tamil, spoken by 15% of the population. 14% speak Telugu, 10% Urdu, 6% Hindi, 3% Malayalam and 2.07% have Marathi as their first language. The Kannada language spoken in Bangalore is a form called as ‘Old Mysuru Kannada’ which is also used in most of the southern part of Karnataka. A vernacular dialect of this, known as Bangalore Kannada, is spoken among the youth in Bangalore and the adjoining Mysore regions. English is extensively spoken and is the principal language of the professional and business class.

It was formed in 2007 by merging 100 wards of the erstwhile Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, with seven neighbouring City Municipal Councils, one Town Municipal Council and 110 villages around Bangalore. Elections to the council are held once every five years and are decided by popular vote. Members contesting elections to the council usually represent one or more of the state’s political parties.